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My story:

Hi. I’m the guy who tries to take care of his health by improving daily processes, from eating good food to drinking clean water.

Edvinas WateronTop Author

In my childhood, I spent much time at the house where we had a private well nearby. My parents were also into taking care of the water quality. We tested our water at a local lab, and specialists were amazed at how clean our water was. The most interesting thing about it is that we haven’t done a thing to make it so clean.

Later on, I found out that not all wells are like that. Most of the well water owners face dirty water problems. That was the time when I realized that not everyone is drinking clean water and that we need to know what to do about it.

Years passed, and now I live in my own apartment. One of the first questions that popped into my mind when I moved in was, ‘How clean is the water in this area?’. I started researching the best water filters and, after a few weeks, found out that Reverse Osmosis and Water Distillation are the 2 most effective ways to remove contaminants from my tap water.

I decided that I will purchase one of these types of systems, and I’m going to review a lot of products to help people who are facing the same problem as I did, deciding which water filtration system or water filter is the best solution for them and their family.

Purpose of Water On Top:

The project aims to inform as many people as possible about the importance of clean drinking water, solutions to improve water quality, and water filter troubleshooting, and to review water filtration products by giving conclusions about which should be purchased and which should be avoided.

My conclusions are based not only on my opinion but also on what people are saying online, what water filtration specialists are saying, scientific research results, and of course, my own experience. Also, as each solution and product isn’t perfect, I’m always trying to describe both advantages and disadvantages.

If you have questions for me or you would like to share your experience with water filtration, just send me a message on Contact page.

Take care and stay healthy!

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