Are Water Filters Necessary for Coffee Makers?

Yes, the filtration system is necessary for coffee machines. Actually, most coffee makers come with water filters that are able to make water even tastier.

Why? The water that comes through the filtration system eliminates a lot of unnecessary substances and extra salts that help to get an intended flavor for a coffee. That’s why coffee becomes much tastier then.

Why your coffee machine needs water filters?

Your coffee machine needs a good water filtration system because it does have a better taste then. There are a few reasons that will help you realize the importance of water filters in coffee makers:

Improvement of the tasteRemoval of impurities
• Certain levels of dissolved and solids
• Softened water
• Heavy, salty taste is removed as well
• Bacteria
• Sodium
• Organic solids
• Minerals

APEC RO-CTOP Countertop RO filtration system to produce clean water for a coffee maker

Are Water Filters Necessary for Coffee Makers?

It is said that most popular and premium coffee companies suggest coffee that maintains a certain level of dissolved solids in their coffee water – and that is the effect of a water filtration system.

Thus, it makes the water of coffee really soft and not salty at all. It means that it will help you feel the pure taste of good coffee.

Also, it does not contain any bacteria, viruses, or any other impacted substance that unfiltered water contains. Finally, you must know that good quality water is removed as well, such as minerals, to keep the coffee’s perfect taste.

Do coffee shops care about filtration?

Yes, most coffee shops have their own recipe for the water that makes an exceptional taste for the water. For instance, Starbucks usually uses the water which is being run through high-quality sediment and a 3-stage carbon filtration system.

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It’s important to replace cartridges often because they get dirty quickly. So, the coffee gets its great and intended flavor by using such kind of system and taking care of it very well. Also, the taste depends on the city’s tap water quality as well.

Furthermore, different cities have different consistency of water – that’s why the taste can vary depending on the tap water.

The best water for tasteful coffee

Usually, coffee makers have a filtration system that removes bacteria and extra salts only. One of the best decisions for your coffee maker is reverse osmosis system. RO water has an advanced water filtration system. The water is passed through the special membranes with very small pores – it helps remove various contaminants and substances. RO filtration system separates harmful substances from the water. 

The process of water filtration is really simple and effective. Such a procedure is called osmotic pressure. The water moves to a high concentration area through the membrane – which helps to make a separation.

As a result, the concentration of water is equalized. Thus, concentration is equal in low and high concentration areas. RO filtration system will help you to eliminate odors and extra substances that damage the taste of the coffee.

So, using a remineralization kit, you can use the RO system to remove the majority of the dissolved solids and then add other kinds of dissolved solids. This will help you to return useful substances to the water. That would make the coffee taste really great, and you will get a perfect cup of coffee that has an amazing flavor.

Make coffee as good as in a café

If you want to make the coffee as good as you find it in the coffee shop, you will need to improve the water that you’re making coffee with. The things which are important in checking your water are these:

· Hardness of the water

· Bitter taste in it

· Specific odor that comes from the water

If these things affect your water it will make an impact on the aroma of coffee as well. Also, you need to consider the fact that some people like different tastes of coffee and even assume that hard water is better for coffee compared to a soft one. So, it’s your choice how to vary the water you use for coffee making.

coffee with filtered water

Considering hard water, there is one problem that can affect your coffee machine – it can clog it because of its hard substances. So, it can affect the reservoir, heating elements, and tubing of the coffee maker. That means that you will need to clean it more often.

Here is some advice that will help you to get the coffee taste similar to the one you get in a coffee shop:

· Warm the cup of the coffee

· Keep your water filtration system clean

· Buy fresh and high-quality coffee beans

· Store your coffee beans in an opaque, air-tight container and at room temperature

In conclusion, coffee is one of the favorite drinks in the world – especially in the morning routine. It’s said that it helps you feel energetic and fresh. That’s why the flavor of coffee is so important – it can affect your mood and productivity.

So, one significant condition for a delicious cup of coffee is filtered water. There are various ways to filter it by removing and adding a certain dissolved amount of solids. One of the best ways is a countertop reverse osmosis filtration system that will help you to filtrate it until a certain level of useful substances. You will feel its impact and can vary it depending on what kind of coffee you like the most.


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