How Often Should You Replace PUR Water Filters? (8 Factors)

The quality of tap water depends on many factors and even if you suppose that your supplied water is healthy and clean we advise you to think again or rather, just do the testing. The thing is that the quality of your tap water depends on the water well of your area and the modernity of the whole water infrastructure.

The easiest way to ensure a qualified supply of drinking water is to install the PUR system simply. Yet if you already successfully have one, how to maintain it and change its filters?

The main aspect that will guarantee that your PUR system is working effectively is by changing its filters regularly.

Depending on its type PUR filters have to be changed every 2-3 months. This interval indicates the lifespan of the PUR filters and needs to be done in order to ensure maximum contaminant removal from your water.

However, when choosing PUR filters you will not have to guess or foresee when the filters have to be replaced due to its advanced indicator light.

When the indicator lights green – your filter is in perfect condition and does the job fully. When the indicator light turns yellow, you know it is time to replace the filter. Therefore, the red light indicator informs that your filter no longer filtrates your water. Once the filter is changed the light will turn green automatically.

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Even with the light indicator present there are many specialties that are necessary for understanding the lifespan of PUR filters. The latter mostly depends on the type of PUR system you have, therefore we take it from you and give you a thorough guide about different types of filters, how to change them, recycle and prolong its effectiveness. 

Lifespan of PUR Faucet Filters

PUR faucet filters have to be replaced every 3 months or after 100 gallons of water. Its smart light indicator will inform you as to when it is the time for replacement as mentioned above. Because the light indicator is placed on the faucet filter itself you will see the light directly everytime using tap water meaning that there are no chances you will miss insufficient filter status.

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Lifespan of PUR Water Pitchers

Pitcher filters have to be changed every 2 months. The actual duration is also dependent on the frequency of use, so if you are not using the pitcher daily then change its filter every 40 gallons. Some PUR water pitchers come with the color indicator as well but if your device lacks this feature then simply notice any change in taste or color of the filtered water and use this as an indicator for changing your water filter right away. 

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Lifespan of PUR Refrigerator Filters

Refrigerator filters have the longest lifespan of all types yet, of course it also depends on the usage. Normally PUR refrigerator filters have to be replaced after 100-200 gallons or 3-6 months accordingly.

When some manufacturers sell refrigerators with a certain filter already installed bare in mind that different filtration systems have different purposes and filtration levels. E.g. PUR water system ensures removing 99% of all toxic contaminants from your water, whereas other filters might be less powerful.

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Lifespan of PUR Water Dispensers

Samely as for water pitchers, the filter in a PUR water dispenser has to be replaced every 40 gallons of water. In a household of a family of three and regular usage that would be roughly every 2 months.

PUR water dispensers are unique in their ability to remove two times more lead than other popular options on the market. Hence, choosing this type of system is a perfect solution for a family who doesn’t have high quality drinking water coming from their tap.

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Factors that Cause PUR Water Filters To Go Bad

Although the main factor that influences the longevity of filters is the type of filtration device you have and the amount of water you use there are other reasons as to why your PUR water filter goes out of order faster. Those include:

  • Primary water quality: if the water in your area is largely polluted or has additional large particles (as explained below) your filter will be forced to work at a high level and even possibly exceed its maximum capacity which causes your filter to work shorter or insufficiently. To avoid this consider treating your water primarily
  • Iron: although iron is important for the human body to function sufficiently excessive amounts of iron are toxic and damage the filter as well. Because certain types of iron are heavy metals and cause water hardness, this complicates your filters’ work and might end up in an error
  • Sediment: itis a natural material caused by erosion and usually lays in our water. If your water supply before filtration is full of sediment it will clog your filter causing its failure. Samely consider treating your water from sediment before filtration
  • Overuse: each filter has a set amount of water it is capable to filter. Therefore, if you consume large amounts of water but it’s been only a month it is possible that your filter is no longer sufficient enough to work properly. Thus we advise you taking a look at the recommended gallons of water that your filter is due rather than just rely on approximate duration in time.

How to Replace PUR Water Filters?

PUR water filters can be easily replaced by following these steps:

  1. Choose the right replacement filter which can be easily done on Amazon and costs only between 20$ and 50$
  2. Twist back cover off and remove the filter (for faucet systems remove the device prior the changing)
  3. Insert new filter into the device and replace back cover
  4. Run your water for 5 minutes to flush any particles before drinking

How Can You Recycle Used PUR Water Filters?

By choosing PUR water filters you save a lot of waste by not buying bottled water but how to recycle used filters? One of the options is to check the type of plastic that your filter is made of and dispose of it accordingly.

You can also research recycling and upcycling companies such as TerraCycle that take care of various filters and you would only have to send it to them. Moreover, PUR is currently working on a recycling program that will safely take care of your used filters with any additional actions needed.

You can compare PUR water filters lifespan to an average lifespan of a water filter in the industry by filters type. For that check my article How Long Does a Water Filter Last.


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