Hydroviv vs Aquasana (Comparison of Hydroviv and Aquasana)

Hydroviv vs Aquasana – Water filtration systems come in various options, whether for your home or office use. However, one of the biggest competitors in this crowded market are Hydroviv and Aquasana, and the dilemma of which is better. 

Hydroviv vs. Aquasana is an age-old debate. Both are established water filtration brands that boast NSF-certified water filters. For instance, the Aquasana Countertop Water Filtration system holds NSF-certified filters that can remove more than 90% of lead, chlorine, copper, mercury, and other unwanted materials.

It can also remove more than 99% of bacteria and sediment particulates from your water, making it an affordable option for those who wish to get rid of their water particulates without overspending on filter systems. 

In contrast, the Hydroviv Countertop Water Filter System is another affordable countertop option. Although it does not hold as many certifications as the Aquasana filtration system, it does remove most of the unwanted contaminants from your water through an elaborate four-stage filtration process, including carbon filtration, KDF media, and ion exchange resins.

In combination, these four stages can remove chlorine in your water by more than 95%, mercury by more than 97%, lead by 99%, and several other heavy metals. 

Comparing Aquasana and Hydroviv Filtration Systems 

Factors Hydroviv Filtration System Aquasana Filtration System 
Contaminants Removed Personalized to remove all contaminants Removes more than 88 contaminants 
Flow Rate 2 GPM under 60 psi0.5 GPM under 20-80 psi
NSF Certifications 42 and 5342, 53, 58, 401
Water Taste Good Great 
Filtration Capacity 720 gallons per six months 600 gallons per six months 
Ease of Installation and Maintenance Easy installation, costly maintenanceRelatively difficult installation, costly maintenance 
Customer Support Live chat, call, and email support availableCall and email support available five days a week
Warranty 5 year warranty on filter housing 1 year warranty available 

How Do Hydroviv and Aquasana Systems Work?

The debate of Hydroviv vs. Aquasana is age-old, with both the contestants supported by their loyal customer bases and lists of pros and cons. The primary difference between the two brands remains to be their filtration processes: Hydroviv uses carbon filters, whereas Aquasana uses ceramic filters for its filtration process.

Although both filters are great at contaminant removal from tap water, each type has pros and cons. Carbon filters are better at chlorine removal but are relatively expensive and require more elaborate maintenance and replacement. Ceramic filters, in contrast, generally last longer than carbon filters but do not remove as many contaminants as their carbon counterparts. 

Thus, an Aquasana water filtration system can remove more than 97% chlorine and chloramines, 99% cysts, lead, asbestos, VOCs, 95% mercury, and about 96% PFOS/PFOA.

It undertakes a three-stage filtration procedure to remove all these impurities, which includes a pre-filter and an activated catalytic carbon filter medium that prevents even the slightest impurities from passing through its intricate mesh.

Therefore, Aquasana filtered water tastes greatly refreshing because of the elaborate removal of several harmful contaminants and the subsequent retention of beneficial minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium at permissible levels. 

In comparison, the Hydroviv water filtration system removes more than 95% chlorine content, 97% mercury content, more than 99% lead content, and several other heavy metals through an elaborate four-step filtration process. The Hydroviv system uses the following three filters in its filtration process:

Carbon Filter 

Carbon filters remove a majority of the chemical content and odors from tap water, including pesticides, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), trihalomethanes (THMs), and lead. 

Mineral Deposit Filter 

The mineral deposit filter removes chlorine, manganese, and iron taste from your water through a comprehensive ion exchange process where unwanted minerals are exchanged for wanted minerals in the water. The exchanged, unwanted minerals are trapped inside the filter until it’s time to change them. 

Ultra Violet (UV) Light Sterilization Filter 

The UV Light sterilization filter employs UV light to kill any viruses and bacteria that may be contaminating your drinking water by producing free radicals that attack and eliminate any unwanted living organisms in your water supply. 

Comparison of Hydroviv and Aquasana Systems

Comparison of Hydroviv and Aquasana Systems

Let us compare the features, pros, and cons, and other analytical features of these two water filtration systems to gain better insight into their functionality: 


The Aquasana water filtration system comes with an affordable price tag, meaning that it is not as expensive as the other available brands in the market. This feature makes it highly suitable for those who wish to improve the taste and quality of their drinking water without investing too much. 

In contrast, the Hydroviv water filtration system is relatively more expensive, but its personalized water filtration justifies its price tag. 

Installation Process 

The installation process for the Hydroviv water filtration system is quite easy and straightforward, enabling anyone to install it without much external help from plumbers or professional technicians.

All you need to do is follow the instruction manual from the manufacturer that comes with the product and install it step by step without any problem or hassle by connecting it to your faucet and kitchen tap, turning on the water supply for around 20 seconds to let the pressure build up instead the cartridge, and then switching off the tap slowly until the water flow from the tap stops. 

The Aquasana water filter installation can be relatively difficult for novices and may require you to seek help from a professional or a plumber. However, it may take about 20-25 minutes to install if you have a basic knowledge of the installation process.

The product comes with a faucet that makes the installation process much more manageable, allowing users to turn the product on and off anytime. Since no switches or buttons are involved, its use is fairly straightforward. 

Water Filter 

Water Filter 

The Hydroviv water filter has a considerable capacity and can hold around four times the number of glasses of water we should drink in one day. This capability eliminates the requirement of refilling the filter during the day, as the water will continue to flow as per your requirement.

The water filter is also relatively easy to clean, as you do not need to get your hands dirty while cleaning it: all you need to do is use some vinegar and a small brush! You can also use some soap and warm water if you do not feel like using vinegar. 

The Aquasana water filters remove about 99% of mercury, lead, chlorine, and other heavy metals, as well as herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that may be present in your drinking water. This reduces the number of rust particles and sediments by over 95%.

Filter Indicators 

The Hydroviv water filtration system also supports an internal pressure gauge that informs you when it’s time for replacement or maintenance of parts within the machine. This allows your filtration system to run smoothly without any issues, allowing uninterrupted access to clean water, whether in your office or house. 

The Aquasana water filters have a light indicator that indicates when it is time to clean or maintain them. This proves particularly beneficial if your home has hard water, as it can cause considerable problems to your pipes over time without proper care. 

High-Quality Materials 

The Hydroviv water filtration system and filters are made up of high-quality components and materials that hold NSF certification and are backed by a lifetime warranty, eliminating the worry of your investment failing after only a few years of use. 

In comparison, the Aquasana water filters are also NSF 42 certified. An independent third-party organization thoroughly tests them to ensure that they meet the standards set for residential drinking water filters by the National Sanitation Foundation.

This certification lends authenticity to these water filters and ensures that the water you drink is safe for consumption and free of harmful content.   

The Aquasana filtration system comprises three stages to remove impurities from tap water. It removes sediments and dirt, applies the ion exchange method to remove more than 90% of lead, chlorine, and other contaminants, and then uses activated carbon to eliminate all remaining tastes and odors from your drinking water, leaving behind clean and crisp, fresh-tasting water!

The system also supports an ion exchange resin cartridge that enhances the water’s taste by removing chlorine, making it perfect for those who dislike the distinct flavor of tap water. 

Choosing the Right Water Filtration System

Choosing between Hydroviv and Aquasana water filtration systems can be a hassle, but it is wise to consider the following factors when making a decision: 

  • Price 
  • Water Filtration Performance 
  • Filtration Technology 
  • Design and Durability 
  • Construction Materials 
  • Installation 
  • Water Filter Type 
  • Water Filter Size 
  • Water Filter Life 
  • Filter Replacement Cost 
  • Warranty and Service Contract 
  • Quality of Water 

Keeping all the above factors is highly critical, as the quality of your drinking water and your health directly relates to them. Continuous access to contaminated water can negatively affect community health and result in undesirable health complications due to pathogens and contaminants.

Diseases related to drinking water contamination pose a severe burden to human health, making interventions to improve drinking water quality essential. Using a suitable water filtration system can be the first step towards a healthy body, especially if your locality suffers from particular water quality concerns, such as high levels of lead, chlorine, or aluminum. 

Conclusion | Hydroviv vs. Aquasana

Hydroviv and Aquasana are both excellent water-treatment filtration options with slight differences in their functioning and output. Hydroviv water filtration systems are relatively expensive, primarily because they boast a higher filtration capacity and personalized filters mainly designed to remove all contaminants in a particular locality. 

Aquasana filtration systems can remove more than 88 contaminants but are relatively more affordable than Hydroviv filtration systems. It also supports a slightly lesser filtration capacity but is comparable to its Hydroviv counterpart in functionality, making it a suitable option for those who wish to improve the quality of their water without investing a large sum of money. 


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