Why Do Hospitals Use Saline Instead of Distilled Water?

Hospitals use saline instead of distilled water because distilled water does not contain impurities. Distilled water does not provide electrolytes to the human body. You will not find healthy nutrients and minerals in distilled water.

As a result, we can say that distilled water has a hypotonic nature. According to the definition, hypotonic substances have lower osmotic pressure than intercellular fluids.  The difference in osmotic pressure can potentially burst open cells in the human body.

Do not be confused. Let us explain how it happens. Human blood has a higher salt, sugar, and fluid concentration than distilled water. As a result, distilled water leaches salt, sugar, and fluid from the human body through osmosis.

Hospitals help improve human health by using saline in place of distilled water. Saline has a hypertonic nature. Being a hypertonic substance, saline helps maintain Sodium balance in the human body.

What is distilled water used for in hospitals?

Distilled water is used to ensure the safety of medical equipment in hospitals. In other words, surgeons sterilize surgical equipment through distilled water. Doctors use distilled water because it does not contain impurities.  

Doctors and surgeons use distilled water to clean wounds. Distilled water can be used to clean teeth and rinse the mouth. Distilled water is important for hospitals because it does not allow the growth of harmful bacteria.


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