Is Primo Water Distilled? (Distilled Or Purified)

Water plays an important role in our lives. It is perhaps the most essential resource. Without water, we are unable to do simple everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc. Besides fulfilling our lifestyle needs, water is also essential for our bodies. The human body is made of 60-70% of water. Without water, we become dehydrated and suffer a number of health problems. So, regular intake of clean water is crucial for our health.

When it comes to drinking clean water, one of the most popular choices is primo water. Primo water is filtered and purified using special technology and water filtration methods. But is primo water distilled?

This article will give a detailed analysis of primo water and tell you whether or not it is distilled. So, continue reading!

Key Takeaways

Before we dig into the details, here are some key takeaways to help you get a quick idea of what we’re about to discuss below:

  • Primo water is one of the best drinking waters available in the market. Most US households use primo water because it is great-tasting water without any harmful impurities.
  • Primo water is processed through various processes, including coarse filtration, carbon filtration, UV sterilization, reverse osmosis, ozonation, softening, inspection, sanitization, and mineral addition.
  • Primo water is not distilled. Distillation is not required because the extensive filtration and purification system removes 99.99% of all contaminants.
  • If you are looking for clean drinking water, then try primo water. Purchasing gallons of primo water is better than buying small water bottles as it will help minimize plastic waste and reduce carbon footprint.

What Is Primo Water?

Primo Water is a water direct business that delivers sustainable hydration solutions across its 22 country footprints. They deliver purified water directly to the customer’s door, whether at home or to commercial businesses. It is the leading water solutions provider in the US. Primo water is also very affordable, as a 5-gallon bottle only costs around $6.99.

Primo Water is known for its quality water standards. Primo water is free from all contaminants like lead, cyanide, mercury, arsenic, etc. The water is processed through a series of filtration methods, including coarse filtration, carbon filtration, UV sterilization, reverse osmosis, ozonation, and a few more. However, many customers still wonder if primo water is distilled.

Continue reading to find out.

Is Primo Water Distilled?

Distillation is the process of purifying a liquid through heating and cooling. The boiling and condensation help remove the contaminants from the liquid. Any water purified using distillation is called distilled water.

Nowadays, there are many advanced water filtration solutions, but distillation remains one of the most effective and age-old techniques. Most purified bottled water is produced with a combination of filtration processes like distillation. Deionization and reverse osmosis.

However, primo water does not use distillation as a purification process for its water. So, no, primo water is not distilled. The Water Quality Report by Primo Water does not state any information about the use of distillation as a processing step. The main purification techniques used by Primo Water are reverse osmosis, UV sterilization, ozonation, and adding minerals.

Is Primo Water Distilled Or Purified?

As we stated above, primo water is not distilled. However, that does not mean that it is not clean. Primo water is purified with other processes that remove 99.99% of all contaminants from water, including sediments, scale-causing minerals, bacteria, odor, and taste.

The main purification process is reverse osmosis which is FDA-approved and gives clean drinking water. So, to conclude, primo water is not distilled, but it is purified for drinking.

Is Primo Water Good?

With so many water brands available out there, it is hard to pick one. This is where primo water comes into play. Primo water uses a 9-step process which includes multiple steps of mechanical filtration, water softening, and reverse osmosis, making water 99.99% pure.

They remove chlorine, disinfection by-products, and other compounds. Primo water is not just highly purified but also contains a proprietary package of minerals.

Moreover, primo water helps you minimize your carbon footprint by purchasing gallons of water instead of small bottles. The bottles that are returned or brought in for exchange are also thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before refill.

Is All Primo Water Distilled?

Once again, no. Primo water is not distilled for exchange, refill, or delivery. Primo water is RO-purified and mineralized water. Primo water is manufactured using the exact same process every time. So, every time you purchase a gallon of primo water, you will get the same standard and quality.

Should You Drink Bottled Water?

Humans need to hydrate their bodies to live healthy lives. In 2004, the National Academy Of Science released a study showing that humans need at least 4-5 glasses of water daily. While most US households get treated municipal water, it is best to invest in bottled water.

Bottled water is better than tap water because it is cleaner and safer. Every bottled water needs to meet the FDA requirements. So, it is a very tough standard that has to be met, which ensures the water quality is not compromised. Bottled water is also mineralized, making it a great source to add good minerals to the body. Therefore, we should drink bottled water.

Summing Up | Is Primo Water Distilled?

Did you know that 4 out of 5 people prefer primo water to tap water? The reason behind the popularity of primo water is its quality. It does not matter whether primo water is distilled because the 9-step process is enough for purification.

So, for those wondering: is primo water distilled, it is not. But that should not bother you. Primo water is purified using a series of processes that give safe, clean, and great-tasting drinking water.


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