Is Bottled Water Distilled? What is the Best Choice?

We know distilled water is a popular choice among many. The countless benefits of distilled water make it a perfect choice for most people, so they’ll try to get their hands on it no matter what.

So you’ll see people wander off to the market, hold up bottled water and ask the salesperson:

Is bottled water distilled?

Unfortunately, most bottled water brands do not offer distilled water. You could get distilled water in a bottle from a few limited companies, but most bottled water available across supermarkets is not distilled.

We’ll need to discuss this topic in a little more detail:

Key Takeaways

  • Distilled water is the purest
  • Most bottled water is not distilled
  • A few brands, including Deer Park, Poland Spring, Snugell, and Ozarka, offer bottled distilled water
  • Check the label to ensure you’re buying bottled distilled water
  • You can buy bottled distilled water in big supermarkets/pharmacies or check online at Amazon

What is Distilled Water?

Is Bottled Water Distilled

Distillation makes distilled water. You can read about distilled water in detail here, but allow us to give you a generic rundown.

Distillation typically involves two major processes, evaporation and condensation. Technically, evaporation is boiling, and condensation is cooling, but we’ll try to clear the air as we explain.

●    Evaporation

Evaporation is when a liquid converts into gaseous vapor by boiling.

Every substance has a boiling point, the temperature at which it begins to boil and convert into gas. The boiling points of one substance are different from the other.

The idea behind distillation is to separate the substances within the liquid by boiling it at a specific temperature.

Water boils at 100℃, converting to gas the minute it reaches the temperature. Continuously boiling water leads to evaporation.

●    Condensation

Condensation is the conversion of gaseous vapors into liquid form. We can typically start condensation by cooling.

Condensation works quite similarly to evaporation, only with cooling. We cool the gaseous vapors, so they begin to turn back into droplets.

These water droplets are distilled.

How Pure is Distilled Water?

Is Bottled Water Distilled? What is the Best Choice?

The idea behind distillation is to separate all substances (contaminants and minerals) from the water. Since water distills at 100℃, but the rest of the substances don’t, distilled water is extremely pure.

Distilled water contains no contaminants or even minerals. We could say it is the purest water.

Is Distilled Water Safe for Everyone?

Laboratories and hospitals use distilled water because of its purity. Most consider distilled water safe because it’s extremely pure, but is it safe for everyone?

Can Babies Drink Distilled Water?

Giving distilled water to a baby isn’t necessary, but it’s not dangerous, either.

People prefer mixing baby formula with distilled water because the latter has no harmful components like bacteria or contaminants.

However, it is best to consult the pediatrician before giving distilled water to a baby to ensure protection.

Can Sick Patients Drink Distilled Water?

People who can’t eat or drink too much without getting sick can rely on distilled water. Drinking distilled water is safer for those who frequently get sick from tap water.

However, a sick person shouldn’t drink distilled water without the doctor’s advice since it contains no minerals.

Is Distilled Water Healthy?

Distilled water contains no contaminants, so it can’t spread harmful bacteria or viruses. Distilled water is healthier than purified water in this regard.

However, the absence of contaminants doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing. Water purity is great, but too much of it can be dangerous.

Distilled water contains no contaminants or minerals. We need minerals as much as a healthy water source, so drinking distilled water doesn’t benefit us as we think.

Distilled water is healthier than tap/purified water because it contains no contaminants, but that doesn’t make it the best option.

Distilled water is better for those who don’t have access to purified water and frequently get sick from drinking tap water, but that’s about it.

Of course, you can still drink distilled water, but purified water is better.

Can Distilled Water be Bottled?

Let’s get to the bigger question: is bottled water distilled?

Most bottled water is not distilled, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be.

You see, the problem isn’t that distilled water can’t come in bottles, but it’s whether the bottles are good enough to store distilled water.

Distilled water contains no minerals or contaminants, just plain water molecules. Although it sounds appealing, the water might pick up its scarce minerals elsewhere.

Storing distilled water isn’t easy because it might leach off the minerals or chemicals from its container. While we don’t know whether distilled water picks up chemicals every time, the risk is too great to ignore.

I bet you’re thinking, what’s wrong with getting a few minerals?

Distilled water is extremely pure, so getting even a hint of chemicals or materials from the container will affect its purity.

Storing distilled water in plastic bottles is even more dangerous since plastic isn’t the safest material. If you’re buying plastic bottled water, you can assume the water isn’t distilled.

However, some companies offer drinking distilled water and store it in a clean, airtight glass bottle. Various types of plastic aren’t as dangerous as the more common ones, so water stored in them is typically safe.

You’ll have to read the label to know for sure if the glass bottled water is distilled.

Are These Water Bottles Distilled?

Let’s discuss common bottled water brands and whether they offer distilled water:

●    Aquafina

Aquafina purifies its water but does not distill it.

Aquafina uses a complex system of reverse osmosis and ozonation, but since it doesn’t use distillation, it does not have distilled water.

●    Dasani

Dasani is another popular brand that offers purified water but does not have distilled water.

●    Deer Park

Deer Park offers an amazing variety of water, including purified, sparkling, and spring water.

While most recognize Deer Park spring water, not many know it offers distilled water.

Deer Parks sells distilled water by gallon.

●    Fiji

Fiji is quite popular for its purity but doesn’t offer distilled water.

However, you could get Fiji water as a healthier and better alternative to distilled water.

●    Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain is one of the few brands that offer bottled distilled water.

●    Nestle

A subsidiary of Nestle owns Deer Park and Poland Spring, both brands that offer distilled water.

Nestle doesn’t offer distilled water under the brand name, but you can rely on Deer Park and Poland Spring.

●    Niagara

Niagara introduced distilled water a while ago; you can check the bottle’s label to find out if the water is distilled.

●    Ozarka

Ozarka offers distilled water.

●    Poland Spring

Poland Spring offers bottled distilled water by the gallon.

●    Smartwater

Smartwater offers extremely pure, bottled distilled water. You can buy a 20 fl oz Smartwater bottle.

●    Snugell

Snugell offers bottled distilled water you can buy here.

Where to Buy Bottled Distilled Water?

You can buy bottled distilled water from big supermarkets and pharmacies.

You should look for a retailer that sells water brands like Deer Park or Snugell to buy bottled distilled water.

You can also purchase bottled distilled water on Amazon.

Is Distilled Water the Best Choice?

Many believe distilled water is the best choice because it has no contaminants, but purity isn’t always the best thing.

Distilled water doesn’t have any contaminants, but it also lacks minerals.

Our bodies need minerals, and while a little lacking won’t be harmful, frequently drinking demineralized water can be dangerous.

The absence of minerals means the water doesn’t benefit us like we think, so it’s better to look for healthier alternatives like purified water.

Conclusion | Is Bottled Water Distilled?

Is bottled water distilled? Not all bottled water is distilled, but a few brands like Deer Park, Poland Spring, and Snugell offer it. You can get bottled distilled water at most supermarkets/pharmacies and even buy it online from Amazon.

Distilled water appeals to many, but it isn’t exactly the safest or best option. Purified mineral water is much better than distilled water.

Don’t drink distilled water unless you’re following the doctor’s recommendation.


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