How To Make Sun Water? (Why Sun Water is Great)

The benefits of sunlight on our health are well-documented. We all know how sunlight helps make your bones strong by allowing your body to produce vitamin D, or how it uplifts your mood by increasing serotonin production.

But did you know that there are a multitude of other benefits the sun can provide you with? And you don’t have to stand in the sun for hours to gain them- you can simply drink homemade sun water.

What Is Sun Water?

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Sun water, or sun-charged water, is basically distilled or spring water that’s left outdoors or near a window to absorb direct sunlight. The infused water is packed with the benefits of sun rays. The charged water has an important place in spiritual healing and witchcraft as well.

As per Ayurveda, sun is the main source of heat (fire), one of the four elements making our Earth. Sun water holds energy from this element and can yield various benefits.

Sun rays are an effective way to convert ‘dead water’ to ‘living water’ with boosted healing properties. The sun’s UV rays decrease the microbial content of the water, while the light and heat itself make the water radiant by oxidizing and energizing. 

Sun water is the opposite of moon water- water charged under the moon’s rays. Moon water is known to help regulate your emotional well-being.

Why sun water is great for you?

Sun water carries the sun’s cosmic energy, so it has multiple benefits.

Firstly, it’s excellent for cleansing and healing rituals. Unlike moon water, drinking sun water regulates your physical well-being instead of emotional, so it naturally carries pros for your health.

If you also dabble in witchcraft, you can also channel spells (especially those focused on rebirth) through this water thanks to its magical properties. Sun water is also known to aid in balancing ego-related emotions.

Sun-charged water also holds positive, uplifting properties. It is thought to be both antibacterial and antifungal as it boosts the immune system, along with promoting heart health if drunk in the morning.

If you feel like you aren’t energized throughout the day, have a glass when you wake up. A glass before your morning jog or yoga can elevate your energy levels as well. Sun water is perfect to both hydrate yourself and feel relaxed.

Lastly, drinking sun water can cleanse your skin and keep acne, rash, and other similar issues at bay. You can also wash your eyes with sun water to cure irritation. Sun water helps relieve allergies and stimulates cell turnover.

Colored sun water and associated benefits

As we know, sunlight is a spectrum of colors. For sun-charging water, we normally use transparent jars. However, if you charge your water in a colored jar, you can make colored sun water- each color offering different properties.

For example, green sun water is helpful for settling anxiety and anger, and can boost your immunity.

Red-stained water is wonderful for improving blood circulation and soothing after a rash or itch. Meanwhile, orange water is associated with gut health and relieving stomach pain and cramps. The color orange is also known for its uplifting, positive energy.

Lastly we have blue and yellow solarized waters- blue plays a pivotal role in healing skin issues, sleep disorders, ulcers, etc, while yellow aids in weight loss.

What do I need to make sun water?

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Luckily for you, it’s as easy to make sun water as it is to reap its benefits. All you need are three things- clean water, a large mason jar, and sunlight. A fourth optional ingredient are crystals and botanicals. 

Starting with the jar, it’s best to use a glass container to make sure the water stays pure and no germs get in. Use a big enough jar so you can prepare excess sun water for storage.

For water, you can use any kind that’s easily available. Distilled water, mineral water, or water from fresh springs preferred since it’s the purest. However, you can use clean tap water or filtered/boiled drinking water as well. Avoid tap water if it’s not clean- the chemicals and pollutants mess up the process.

Lastly, you can go for crystals and herbs to boost the sun water and charge it even more. Read up on what benefit each crystal yields before adding it. You can also add some citrus as it helps with re-energizing.

Oh, and not to forget, find the right sunny spot to keep your jar in! There should be an abundance of direct sunlight- right by the windowsill or on a table next to your porch are great places to begin.

How to prepare sun water in 5 simple steps

1.   Get your container ready

First things first, you need to get your container ready. Opt for a glass mason jar with a tight resealable lid to keep the impurities out. Make sure the container is translucent, not colored (unless you’re making colored solarized water). If kept in colored jars, your water won’t be able to absorb the entire spectrum of sun rays.

And it goes without saying the jar must be washed and cleaned before adding water. We recommend using sage or incense to energetically clean the jar as well.

If you want to add botanicals or crystals, now’s the time. You can add as few or as many as you like. It’s wise to add the object synergic with your intention that day. For example, if you’re making sun water to boost your energy levels, add herbs like ginseng. Citrine crystals complement this very well.

2.   Collect the water

This is relatively straightforward- just add some water to the jar. Fresh spring water is the purest and most ideal option, but any distilled or filtered water will do. If nothing’s available, just add your tap water. Leave enough space for the lid to close tightly.

3.   Find a suitable location

It’s time to set the jar outdoors and let the sunlight do its magic. Like we mentioned earlier, windowsill and outside are both good options, as long as you get direct sunlight for most of the day. Sun water is typically charged for 8 hours.

On a side note, if you decide to place your jar on the ground, consider leaving it near dirt, rocks, gravel, or sand. These are another group of natural elements. Leaving your water here can give it the goodness of both the heat and earth elements.

Aside from that, sun water can also take on some properties of the zodiac sun it’s kept under. For example, water charged under an Aries sun can have confidence and passion-boosting properties.

4.   Filter the water

After several hours in the sun, you can bring your charged water inside and filter it to remove the crystals and botanical herbs. You can add your fav essential oils now

5.   Store safely

Last step is the simplest- just keep your freshly made sun water in the jar and place it in a cool, dry space. We don’t advise putting the jar in your refrigerator though, as it can cut down the health benefits.

You can use sun water in a variety of ways- for drinking, cleansing your skin and eyes, bathing, etc.

Conclusion | How To Make Sun Water?

To sum up, sun water is water infused with the goodness of sun rays. The sun is a strong healing force, and water charged with the sun has multiple health benefits, like boosted energy and improved immunity. And the best part? Sun water is easy to prepare and only requires 3 things!

If you’re someone looking to uplift their mood, improve their health, or simply need a new hydrating energy drink, we suggest you try your hand making sun water at home.


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