Seychelle Water Filter Reviews

Seychelle Environmental Technologies is backed by over forty years of founder’s experience in the water filtration industry, followed by international acclaim as one of the world’s leading professionals in the field of water filtration technology.

It’s good that these filters are backed up by many international testing laboratories and various government letters of certification, as you don’t see that often.

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Filter Pitcher

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Filter Pitcher

This streamlined family water pitcher provides you with up to 100 gallons of filtered and great tasting water. It’s meant for home or office and simply looks nice and sleek. It has a special door for water to be poured into and a time to keep track when the filter needs changing.

It also easily fits into most fridges if you’re cold water drinker.

The filter removes 99% of chlorine, heavy metals and other chemicals. Also, up to 90% fluoride. Now you should keep in mind that his pitcher comes with a pH20 Alkaline filter, meaning that it will also correct the pH of the water and that might come with additional health benefits.

But where the right pH level water truly shines is that your coffee and tea will taste so much better than using standard filtered or even bottled water.

Keep in mind, that this filter is designed for usage with tap water, which most likely was treated with chlorine. Since the filter is more open in porosity, it does not remove viruses or bacteria, but that is to be expected because tap water is treated with chemicals to remove bacteria in the first place.

Thus, the Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Filter is designed to be used for chlorinated municipal water and not for water found out in the wild.


  • Better tasting hot drinks
  • Good water for cooking
  • Produces 100 gallons or lasts for 2-3 months
  • Fits into the fridge
  • Tap water pours through a special door with an automatic close mechanism
  • Tap water pours through a special door with an automatic close mechanism


  • Might not be enough for larger families’ daily uses
  • Quite a slow filtration that takes about 20 mins to fill
  • Despite what people might be saying it’s not meant for traveling. Who wants to carry a jug with them?

Seychelle Radiological Family Water Pitcher

Seychelle Radiological Family Water Pitcher

This is quite an extreme water filter. If you have a concern about having radiological leftovers in the area where you live then this filter might be a wise option. It removes all the same contaminants as the previous filter, but on top of that removes radiological waste.

Some people pick these filters with a mindset of preventing nuclear disaster, however, the manufacturer does not claim anything about such uses.

The filter should be used for chlorinated tap water. It will not remove bacteria, so it is not suitable for usage with private wells, rivers, and other land water sources, not to mention ocean water.

However, Seychelle Radiological Water Pitcher is not simply better because of its capacity to remove radiological contaminants. The pitcher itself is less refined than pH2O Alkaline Pitcher and does not produce that nice tasting pH lifting effect.

Radiological Family Water Pitcher should be picked if there is a clear need or a possibility that drinkable water should be additionally filtered for radioactive contaminants.


  • Among the safest filters available, concerning radiological waste
  • Filter lasts for up to 150 gallons
  • Actually tested and certified filter
  • Holds one gallon of water


  • Meant to be used with disinfected water
  • Not as comfortable for daily usage as other pitchers
  • The filter might clog up early because of its extra capacity to filter radiological contaminants

Seychelle Flip Top Bottle

Seychelle Flip Top Bottle

This bottle is a perfect solution for backpackers, hikers, and people on the move. It removes the same amount of pollutants as other Seychelle filters, but also up to 99% of contaminants found in freshwater supplies outside.

There are numerous stories of people taking it while traveling through Asia and drinking safe water wherever they go.

It’s the perfect size to fit in the mesh water-bottle pouch of most backpacks, comfortable to hold and the carry strap is a nice touch.

Keep in mind, that the usage can be a bit tricky. Water is meant to be sucked through the straw. Meaning, that it’s not ideal for decanting water for cooking or boiling on a portable stove.

However, that is possible with squeezing the bottle and creating inner pressure. This should not be done on a constant basis and with much force because it can damage the seal on the neck.

Also, while squeezing or drinking, the bottle is not meant to be turned completely upside down, because this way the water won’t be able to go through the filter.

The manufacturer does not suggest dishwashing which means that in order to the bottle to stay durable you should not expose it to high temperatures and should not attempt to disassemble it completely as this might result in damaging the seals.

Despite all that, it’s a great portable water filter bottle meant for drinking. Most of the negative feedback on other Seychelle water filter reviews come from people using them, not how they’re intended to be used.


  • Option to pick from a wide variety of filters for different demands
  • Option to pick from a wide variety of filters for different demands
  • Light to carry even while traveling for extended periods.
  • With the right filter removes bacteria, so can be used in wild streams and rivers
  • 28 oz capacity
  • Lasts for up to 100 gallons of water


  • Can be damaged and stop working properly if disassembled
  • Not ideal for decanting water
  • Need to learn how to use it properly
  • After the extensive usage, when the filter clogs it becomes increasingly harder to suck the water through

Final words

You should consider your needs before buying a Seychelle water filtration unit as there are no filter, bottle or jug that will work great for everything.

Keep in mind that Seychelle isn’t pushing you to buy a whole lot of different utensils ether. They offer different filters for the same vessels and that is a wise decision since the vessels themselves are not that expensive and the filters can be picked based on actual personal needs.


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