Where to Buy Reverse Osmosis Water? Most Accessible Choice

Reverse Osmosis purified water is a great way to drink and use water for any other applications. These days you’re not limited to a single option. You might have even been drinking RO water for quite a while without really knowing it.

Cafes, restaurants, and hotels might by serving RO purified water. Some bottled water sold nationwide at Walmart or Target is RO purified water.

RO technology is really popular these days. You can buy some RO water to try it out and decide if you like it. If you need to get RO purified water in larger quantities, even getting it delivered to your home – this article covers all these cases.

Buy RO water in supermarkets


Amazon has its own Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water that has been purified before bottled. Oftentimes, ‘Purified’ water means that it was treated using Reverse Osmosis technology. It is among the most effective ways of purifying water. You can get smaller bottles, packs, or gallons of Great Value water that are available.


Target in its nationwide retail store chain supplies Market Pantry purified water. It is Reverse Osmosis purified and comes in a single-serving bottle and gallon sizes.


Walgreens offers gallons and bottles of Nice! That’s purified RO water that is ‘Simple. Honest. Delicious’.


You can find Kroger’s Purified Drinking Water in both bottles and gallon sizes. The chain carries it in most stores and subsidiaries around the country.

Whole Foods

It does not appear that Whole Foods have their own line of RO purified drinking water. However, Whole Foods have water dispensaries where you can fill your own bottles and jugs. More on that later. Also in the store, you can find many of the below listed brands.

Brands that sell RO water

If you’re traveling and want to make sure that you’re buying purified water, look for these brands. There is a difference between the taste and technology of many drinking bottled water available these days. I have a separate article getting deeper into these subtle differences.

Aquafina is a Pepsi owned company that has more than 40 purification sites throughout the United States and Canada. Each facility is equipped with a rigorous purification system designed to deliver the purest water.

Dasani merges RO purified water with an added special blend of minerals. That creates great-tasting and premium water. It also comes in a few flavors if that’s what you’re after.

Essentia infuses RO water with electrolytes and Ionizes it. The result is Alkaline water with pH levels of 9.5. Also, it’s a socially responsible company taking action to improve people’s lives through better hydration and sustainability.

LIFEWTR apart from being a premium water brand with electrolytes and pH balance, LIFEWTR encourages recycling and focuses on upcycling, ecological materials, and green processes.

Nestlé PureLife produces water bottles in multiple sizes. The water itself is robustly purified and the company invests into recycling practices.

Absopure provides RO purified water to many stores. The company itself is over 100 years old and started as an ice delivery service with horse-drawn carts. Also, they were among the first to start recycling their own bottles.

Crystal Springs sells RO purified water in various shapes and sizes containers. From one gallon to two and a half, to three and five-gallon jugs.

Penta offers RO purified, Ultraviolet treated, Deionized, and then Ozonated water in bottles. Also tries to stay to the natural pH of 7 as close as possible. 

Buy RO water online

If you’re after an option to get some RO purified water online or want to set up a delivery service to your home, workplace, or office, there are a number of companies that will happily deliver reverse osmosis filtered water to you. Most of the time the water will be delivered in five-gallon bottles. You’ve definitely seen them in water coolers everywhere. However, some companies can supply you with small drinking bottles or even dedicated cold and hot water dispensers.


It’s a really popular water purification and delivery company. Culligan offers home delivery around the country. The pricing starts at around $10 for a month of water. That cost includes both – drinking water jugs and needed equipment. This works well for home and business situations.

You can find more details by visiting Culligan’s website.


It’s a Nestle-owned company that sells Reverse Osmosis purified water in various forms and offers home delivery services. You can order anything ranging from multi-pack single-serve bottles to five-gallon jugs.

delivery services are working nationwide. The price for a standard five-gallon bottle is around $6 to $7.

You can find more details by visiting ReadyFresh website.


Absopure has a wide range of selection available for business and home delivery. The cost of Reverse Osmosis water is around $7 per five-gallon bottle.

You can get more details by visiting Absopure’s website.


Arrowhead provides multiple Reverse Osmosis purified brands like Nestle PureLife, Arrowhead water, and more. Also, the company offers home delivery via direct service or by trusted regional partners. The price for a standard five-gallon bottle ranges from $6 to $7.

You can find more details by visiting Arrowhead’s website.

Crystal Springs

With Crystal Springs you have options of choosing between three and five-gallon jugs. Also, the first three bottles of water will come free of charge.

You can find more details by visiting Crystal Springs’ website.

Self-service water dispensaries

The option to fill your own water bottles or jugs in dispensaries will work for people not wanting to invest in a private RO system. Or looking for other, more sustainable ways than buying bottled water. For example, storing water at a remote location like a mountain cabin or emergency shelter.

FreshPure Waters

When using FreshPure Waters self-service dispensaries you can choose from Reverse Osmosis, Deionized, or high pH water types. RO and Deionized water costs around 40 cents per gallon.

Look for FreshPure Waters dispensaries in natural food stores across 38 states. Also, check FreshPure Waters’ website for locations with Reverse Osmosis water near you.

H2O To Go

You can find H2O To Go Reverse Osmosis water dispensers in over 80 locations around the U.S. In these dispensaries you can easily fill up bottles from one to five gallons. The price is around 30 cents per gallon. You can find all the locations and the closest ones on H2O To Go’s website.


Primo offers quite impressively purified water. Aside from Reverse Osmosis, the water is also sterilized with Ultraviolet light modules. The price for a gallon is around 35 cents. Primo water dispensaries are located nationwide at major chain stores. You can learn more and find exact locations at Primo’s website.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods sells quite a number of RO purified water brands. Also, Whole Foods offers its own Reverse Osmosis water dispensaries. The price for a gallon is around 35 to 40 cents. You can find a store locator by visiting Whole Foods’ website.

Buy Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems

So, there are plenty of options to buying already purified RO water. Why should you consider getting your own RO system? Simply, because making your own water covers so many bases that it’s possible to write a whole blog dedicated to ways of purifying water at home. Reverse Osmosis systems are suitable for pretty much any situation be it an office, remote location, or home.

• A countertop system requires no installation and is a simple and inexpensive entryway to get RO purified water quickly. Most of them are available today on Amazon. Here’s the list of the best countertop Reverse Osmosis systems.

• Under the sink, RO units are meant for home-usage. These will cover the drinking and cooking needs of a whole family.

Whole house RO systems are there to cover the high demand for purified water.

RO systems can cost anywhere from $130 to $400. But compared to what you would spend on bottled water, delivery services, or water refiling, your own RO system is often the best, most economical, and accessible choice.


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