How To Make Distilled Water For Humidifier?

Humidifiers are great machines that come with several health benefits.

But the best one is still that it lets you breathe better. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it’d be such a blessing for my nasal cavities, which were otherwise mostly clogged.

I sleep better, I breathe better, I live better. And that’s the truth. There are several other benefits of having a humidifier as well that people experience, such as better skin health, improvements with cracked lips, assistance with chest congestion, etc.

And I’ll not lie, I’ve also experienced some improvements in those areas. So yeah, a humidifier sure is a blessing. But what water you put in it matters a lot. Putting tap water into the humidifier might appear a convenient feat.

However, it’s not as simple as it seems. And tap water may not be the best option for your humidifier. Distilled water is!

In this article, we shall discuss humidifiers and why distilled water is the best choice for them, and how to make distilled water for your humidifier.

And trust us when we say this, you don’t need lab apparatuses and a lab coat for this, haha. So let’s get moving and dive into the article right away.

How to Make Distilled Water for Humidifier?

How To Make Distilled Water For Humidifier?

The process of making distilled water is really simple.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Take a cooking pot and fill it with water. Also, you’ll need a glass bowl for the next step.
  • Now put the glass bowl in the cooking pot. Make sure it’s stable and upright. It should float. Don’t let it sink.
  • Start heating the water. When you start seeing vapors evaporate (steam), cover the pot with the glass lid. Put it upside down which leaves the convex surface in contact with the steam.
  • This way, the steam will start accumulating on the center of the glass lid.
  • Then, put ice on the top surface of the glass lid. This will make the steam condense.
  • And that’s it. Leave the process as is, and in due time you’ll have distilled water to put in the humidifier.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a humidifier machine from Amazon or any other ecom platform. 

Do You Have to Use Distilled Water in A Humidifier

Normally, people say it’s a better option but not a necessity. But I’ll go out on a limb and say that, yes, you have to use distilled water for a humidifier. It’s so much better and hassle-free to do that.

The results are amazing, and you get to improve the life of your machine. Because with tap water or any other water other than distilled, there can be deposition of impurities on your humidifier’s tank. Tap waters usually have particles and minerals in them.

Those eventually settle as white residue in the humidifier’s tank. Plus, that can also promote the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes, which is definitely a bad omen for your health. After all, you’ll not want to breathe vapors that can make you unhealthy, right?

So yes, you have to use distilled water for your machine. It’s fine to occasionally use tap water if you feel lazy once in a while. But making it a perpetual habit brings with it harm to the health and the machine.

It’s also worth mentioning that many humidifier manufacturers advise using distilled water. Some companies even make it mandatory for the users, and failure to comply can null up the warranty periods.

Is Dehumidifier Water Distilled?

It’s not as pure as distilled water, but water from a dehumidifier is close to it.

But there are still some chances of bacterial growth there, along with the presence of some salts and minerals. That’s because the purpose of a dehumidifier isn’t to flush out distilled water.

However, if you have a choice between using water from a dehumidifier or distilled water, then the former is always the best choice. Because there are fewer risks involved – both for your health and the machine.

The best choice, however, is still distilled water.

Should You Use Distilled Water in A Humidifier?

Yes. Definitely. Undistilled water contains several other impurities which you’d want to avoid when using a humidifier.

These impurities can be anything, such as heavy salts, minerals, and other unknown particles, depending on the source of your tap water. This basically means that your humidifier’s tank will always have some white residual gunk which you’ll have to clean almost daily.

And if you don’t do that, you’ll leave the room open for bacterial growth and accumulation of other harmful microbes that’ll eventually get into your system. That can cause anything from mild discomfort to severe health issues.

It’s best to avoid all those possible downsides by simply restricting yourself to using distilled water for the humidifier.

Do Humidifiers Need Distilled Water?

They don’t exactly need distilled water. But that’s the best option for humidifiers.

Your machine will definitely continue to perform with tap water. Or even if you put water from flush pipes. But that doesn’t mean that’s the best option for your machines. Soon there’ll be an amalgamation of white residue on your humidifier’s tank space.

So yes, for humidifiers to function properly and deliver optimum results, it’s necessary that you put in distilled water in there.

Plus, many humidifier manufacturers will cancel your warranty if they detect signs of usage of undistilled water. And you’d not want to take that risk. Plus, you have to be mindful of the type of vapors that enter your body.

If you don’t have access to distilled water, then it’s best that you use water from a dehumidifier. That’s always gonna be a way better option when compared to tap water.

Why Use Distilled Water in Humidifier?

How To Make Distilled Water For Humidifier?

There are two aspects to it – distilled water is good for the machine and for your health.

First, water that comes out of the tap contains several minerals and salts. Which are okay when you drink tap water, but when you put it in the machine, it doesn’t work well. The machine will stress out and will have to work harder to make the place humid.

Plus, you’ll find that your machine’s tank constantly accumulates white residue, which will be a hassle to clean. And if you don’t ardently clean it, you’ll leave the ground open for bacterial, microbial, or mold growth which isn’t right.

Which brings us to the second point that you’ll expose yourself to various bacterial and microbial infections. When you breathe vapors contaminated with the residue, you are basically contaminating your internal systems.

And last time I checked, people use humidifiers to improve their health status and not ruin it.

So use distilled water only to protect your health and to protect your machine.

Final Words | How To Make Distilled Water for Humidifier?

A humidifier is an amazing human invention.

And it gives the best results when you put distilled water in it. Using tap water, bottled water, or anything other than distilled water will reduce your machine’s life. Plus, it’ll even put you at risk of infections and other health problems.

Avoid all that crap simply by pouring in distilled water in your humidifier’s tanks. You’ll lead a better life without much hassles.


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