Is Bottled Water Hard or Soft?

Unfortunately, you cannot classify bottled water as soft water. That’s because bottled water is often mineral water. Even if you have spring water as bottled water, you cannot classify your bottled water as soft water.

Is distilled water hard or soft?

Distilled water cannot be classified as hard water because it does not contain hard minerals. You can blame the process of distillation for making your distilled water soft water.

Distillation as a process relies heavily on the boiling points of minerals and impurities in your water. Simply put, if you distill your water, you remove minerals like magnesium and calcium from your water. So, your distilled water is soft water.

Which bottled water is soft?

Commonly available bottled water does not tend to be soft. Companies do not sell soft water as bottled drinking water because it is not good to drink too much soft water. Still, if you want to look for soft bottled water, you should carefully read the labels.

Labels on your bottled water indicate the concentration of magnesium and calcium in your bottled water. You can choose the one having lower levels of hard minerals, such as magnesium and calcium.

Is purified water hard or soft?

Before we dive into purified water hard or soft, you should know that there is a difference between purified water and mineral water. Purified water can be classified as soft water, while mineral water does not tend to be soft water.

Water purification methods, such as distillation, remove impurities and hard minerals from water. That’s why your purified water tends to be ‘soft.’  

Is filtered water hard or soft?

Filtered water cannot be categorized as soft water. Filtered water is produced through a process known as filtration. Unfortunately, filtration does not result in the complete removal of dissolved hard minerals in your water.

Simply put, filtered water carries magnesium and calcium. This is particularly true for your carbon filters. But it can remove sediments from your water.   

Is bottled spring water hard or soft?

Bottled spring water is classified as hard water because it contains hard minerals. Hard minerals in your bottled spring water include calcium and magnesium. So if you are planning on buying bottled spring water, let’s remember that your bottled spring water is hard water!  

Is tap water hard or soft?

It depends on your region. It is common for people to have hard minerals in their tap water. Soft water is not ideal for drinking purposes. So, if you are using tap water, do not forget that your tap water is hard water!

Final Thought

Is bottled water hard or soft? Soft water is not recommended for drinking. That’s why companies do not provide soft water as bottled water. Read the labels carefully while getting bottled water.

You can have soft water if you pass it through the process of distillation. Distillation removes chemicals and impurities from water.

You will find that your bottled water contains hard minerals. Hard minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, in your bottled water, are good for your body. So, do not worry. Bottled water is safe for human consumption!   


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