Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage RO System Review 2023

This system came to my attention as an affordable RO water filtration system that seems to be easy to use and install, that covers all the needs of a household. Let’s see if it stands to that claim.

Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage RO System Review 2023

What‘s included in a package and how does it work?

You’re getting a 5-Stage Filtration System, where water comes out through a dedicated faucet next to your kitchen sink. Before that, the water comes through five different filters.

1. Sediment filter – removes the most obvious and biggest of sediment from the water like dust, sand, and rust. The sediment filter catches the biggest particles in order to prevent the carbon filters and RO membrane from clogging.

2. Activated Carbon Block – removes chlorine, pesticides, VOC and industrial solvents.

3. Granular Activated Carbon – basically does the same as Carbon Block filter, just on a finer scale. Plus removes most of the unpleasant water taste and smells.

4. RO Membrane – to finally purify the water, the RO process removes contaminants including lead, arsenic, heavy metals and significantly drops the level of total dissolved solids. It also captures waterborne microbes and bacteria.

5. Activated post carbon filter – After the aforementioned filtrations, water is collected in the reserve tank. Before coming out through the tap, it goes through one final activated carbon filter, that removes any remaining smells and tastes. Now you have some of the purest water available in your glass.

So that’s basically it. I’ve covered how the Reverse osmosis process works with its advantages and drawbacks in a previous article. However, there’s more to tell in this review so keep reading.


The biggest advantage is that you can start with the basic 5 stage Reverse osmosis system that is affordable. Later on, if needed, your Express Water Water System is further upgradable. This can be handy if your water source changes dramatically, or the basic system is not enough, to begin with. With simple quick connect fittings, you can easily add additional water purifying options.

• Alkaline Mineralizer – remineralizes your water and optimizes pH levels. Or I have a separate article on how you can remineralize your water.

• Ultraviolet Sterilizer – is an extra layer of protection against microorganisms that safely disinfects water without chemicals.

• Deionization Filter – If you’re going to be doing a lot of cooking, making ice or having an aquarium, this option might be for you.


The biggest marketed advantage of this system comes with drawbacks. Low price and simplified installation are great, but opens up possibilities for something to go wrong. The parts are made of cheaper plastic and could be broken accidentally.

The installation part is easy, yes, with quick connect tubing and minimal necessary tools needed. But that makes it vulnerable. Even if everything works properly after installation, then tubbing might get knocked off its places. Of course, there’s a leak stopper valve for that, but keep in mind, that it needs to be placed properly, not covered or obstructed.

If the water pressure is not high enough, the filters won’t work as effectively or might waste more water than usual.

For every one gallon of water produced the system discharges between one and three gallons, depending on the pressure and quality incoming water.

Installation tips

Nowadays, the system comes with clear instructions. Also, there are excellent instructional videos made by the manufacturer. And customer support seems to be great. So instead of retelling instructions, I’ll drop a few tips and tricks that are unique to my review.

Consider the proper placement in advance. Before ordering take a look at pictures and videos a couple of times, maybe even take three large bottles and a bucket to try to model out space where you will be fitting the system.

If you’re tight on space, don’t forget that it’s possible to improvise. Use additional fittings and hang the system on a wall instead of under the sink. Or consider installing the system in a more remote area and use extra tubing. But don’t take it too far out.

When inserting tubing into fittings make sure you press then to the end. After the initial fit, press a bit harder and see if the tubing reaches the end.

Read the instructions and then consider alternative installation process:

  • Faucet first.
  • Water input line second.
  • Install the tank third.
  • Now proceed with everything that’s left.
  • Also, leave all the tubing full length and cut it as a final part, this way you can avoid mishaps and have more options for system arrangement.

My verdict

All in all, it’s great and does what it says. This is a really affordable way to invest in your first RO system. Also, it’s upgradable and can even be downloadable to a limit.

I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars because it’s not for all. My advice is to get this product if you live where the water pressure is high and stable. Also, the quality of water is not the worst but can be definitely improved.


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