Does Kirkland Water Have Fluoride? (Read Before Buy)

Flouride doesn’t sound like an evil element for the body, but some people say it is. Some researchers believe that choosing toothpaste with fluoride is as bad as drinking fluoride-infused water, but is this mineral really harmful to our health? 

Dentists from the American Dental Association are typical of the view that fluoride toothpaste benefits the enamel on our teeth. Research also shows that fluoridated water from the municipal water supply could benefit teeth growth in children, decreasing their chances of tooth decay. 

Kirkland Water Bottle

Does Kirkland Water Have Fluoride?

However, all of this fluoride talk is beneficial if it entails small amounts of this mineral. Larger Flouride quantities in bottled water, such as sparkling water, may not be as beneficial as in dentistry. This article zooms into this question through the eyes of Kirkland bottled water and delves into whether this bottled water brand has fluoride or not. 

Spring water generally contains minute quantities of fluoride, and so does purified waterAlkaline in nature, this water is an excellent value for money, but is that the case for Kirkland’s signature water?

 Let’s dive deeper. 

What is Kirkland Signature Water?

Like Poland SpringsKirkland’s signature water is distilled water sourced from the Rocky Mountains near Kirkland, Colorado. This drinking water comes from the city of Kirkland, which receives it from the South Fork Tolt River Watershed and the Cedar River Watershed.

The continuous use of distinctly identifiable sources makes Kirkland water bottles better and purer than tap water and beneficial for public health, as per the company. These sources are additionally authentic as there are not significantly polluted because of their remote location. 

Customer reviews of the Kirkland Purified Water are excellent as people have labeled its taste, water quality, and pH level to be promising, crisp, smooth, and affordable. It is, therefore, safe to say that this Costco water is a renowned water brand with the general public’s support. 

Kirkland Water Bottle Packaging 

This bottled water brand uses very thin plastic and is thus less wasteful and more eco-friendly. However, it allows a light grip, as the water is likely to spill all over.

The bottles are also completely recyclable, attaining approval from the environmental protection agency. Kirkland’s plastic bottles also do not contain BPA, a harmful chemical in most plastics that can adversely affect health if ingested. 

Kirkland Water Bottle

Does Kirkland Signature Water Contain Fluoride?

Kirkland Signature Water is free from fluoride, which is not the case for various other bottled water brands. This makes Kirkland one of the highly popular Costco bottled water amongst people who are highly conscious of tap and bottled water fluoride levels. 

The DS Services, a member of the International Bottled Water Association, is the prime manufacturer of Kirkland Signature Water and functions on strict regulations imposed on all association members.

The association uses intricate reverse osmosis and filtration techniques to distill and purify their water and also uses ultraviolet radiation and ozone for disinfection.

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Additionally, the distilled water goes through comprehensive water softening process that removes all harmful minerals, enhancing water quality. The brand then adds its own mix of light blend minerals, typically added to food to augment taste. 

Water filters from certified laboratories have also tested Kirkland Signature Water and have found the results to be contamination free. These testers monitored the metals, chemicals, inorganic chemicals, various harmful organic chemicals, and various other contaminating and radiological elements.

All the tests brought about promising results, with none of the concentrations surpassing the dangerous thresholds. Kirkland Signature water was found to have a slightly acidic pH: of about 6.0.

How Can I Know If A Bottled Water Is Fluoridated?

Most bottled waters do not contain fluoride at all or have it in minute quantities that are not harmful to the body. However, if a bottled water brand contains fluoride, it will say so on the label.

Since most bottled waters come from municipal water supplies, there are chances of some of them being fluoridated. Therefore, it is crucial to read the label of the bottled water you buy to ensure its contents and fluoride levels. 


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