Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In? (Side Effects & Solution)

Yellow water is an alarming situation for any homeowner. You are instantly concerned and start to wonder things like:

Why is my bathwater yellow?

Is yellow water safe to bathe in?

Is yellow water safe to drink?

And so on…

Imagine you hop in the shower after a long tiring day, and the water is yellow. Or you finally decide to pamper yourself with a nice relaxing bath, but your bathtub is filled with nasty yellow bathwater. You would be shocked, disgusted, and annoyed.

Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

Doesn’t the thought of drinking yellow, rusty water make you shudder? It indeed makes us want to puke. Don’t worry; we have come to the rescue. Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In

There are many reasons why your tap water is yellow. However, one of the main reasons is corrosion and rust. The color of the water turns yellowish due to the orange-brownish color of rust. So, the rustier the water, the more yellow it will be.

This article will explain in depth why your bath water turns a yellow tinge, if it’s safe and how you can fix it. Let’s dig right in!

The Causes: Why Is My Bath Water Yellow Brown?

There are many reasons why the water in your kitchen or bathroom is yellow. The causes of discolored tap water are:

Rusty Pipes:

Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

Your house has rusted pipes. Plumbing pipes often get rusty from the inside, so when the water flows out, it has a yellowish color. A simple solution is to get the rusty pipe replaced. You may also get it cleaned, but it is easier just to get it changed.

Corroded Showerhead/Faucet:

Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

If the water from other faucets does not have any color, then the pipes are not the issue. Only the bath or shower water is yellow because the faucet or showerhead is rusty. Replacing the faucet or showerhead will resolve the issue.

Rusty water Heater:

Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

When you run cold water, it is fine, but hot water has a yellow color. Well, this means both the plumbing pipes and faucets are fine. The yellow color of the hot water is due to sediment or rust in the hot water tank.

Rusty Water Supply:

Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

It is probably an issue with the municipal water supply if the water appears yellow-brown everywhere in the house, regardless of the temperature or the position of the faucet. Sometimes the water may be yellow because there is rust in the water supply.

Apart from rust, high doses of specific contaminants and minerals like zinc, lead, copper, Iron, and manganese may make the water yellow. You may inquire with the municipal water corporation if you have any concerns.

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Now let’s tell you if it’s okay to use rusty or yellow water for bathing.

The Side Effects: Is It Ok To Bathe In Rusty Water?

Is yellow or rusty water just an eye soar or a health hazard too? If your yellow water situation cannot be solved immediately, you may wonder if it is safe to use it until the issue gets fixed.

To ease your worry, rusty water is safe for bathing. Many people insist that a shower or bath in yellow water is perfectly fine. However, rusty water often has Iron, arsenic, mercury, lead, nitrates, and other contaminants. So, frequent baths and showers in rusty water can cause dryness, hair loss, and skin problems.

Here are a few side effects of bathing in yellow, rusty water:

Rough Hair:

Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

Your hair’s smoothness will fade and become brittle. Note that rusty water will dry and roughen the texture of the hair of all colors and darken light hair, giving it an orangey-red tinge.

Dry Skin:

Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

Rusty water causes extreme dryness. If you wash your face often with water that has Iron in it, wrinkles and other signs of aging will show up sooner than usual.


Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

Taking a bath in rusty water is more likely to cause acne in people with oily skin. This is because Iron prevents pores from draining oil properly. Clogged pores lead to congested and textured skin resulting in acne.

The Remedy: How To Clean Yellow Water?

The bath water is yellow due to oxidized Iron in the tap, pipe, or water tank. Sometimes it could also be due to rust in the main water supply. To remove yellow water, you need to find the root cause.

Replacing the Corroded Pipe/Tap/Tank

If you find the source of the dirty water and get rid of it, the water will return to its normal color. Here is how you can find the cause of rusty yellow water in your bathtub:

Checking Faucet and Pipes:

For 20 minutes, let the cold water run from the tap. If the water eventually becomes clear, it was probably caused by dirt in the pipes being stirred up after a long period of inactivity.

Checking Water Heater:

If the problem is limited to hot water, the water heater is likely to be to blame. The buildup of scale and rust in the water heater could cause the water to turn yellow. This can be fixed by flushing the water heater thoroughly or by getting a new one.

If the pipes, faucet, or water heater are not corroded and do not need replacement, invest in a water filter.

Get A Water Filter and Purifier

If the water clears up for the most part but still has traces of brown every now and then, you may want to install a water filter or a water softener to get rid of the hard minerals in your water.

Sterilize the water with a purifier. Water purifiers use either ultraviolet (UV) light or chemicals to get rid of any bacteria, viruses, sediments, or other things that may have gotten into the water supply.

Contact Water Supply Corporation

If the problem continues and you live on a city grid or if it is a recognized issue in your region, you should report it to the city so that it may be fixed.

FAQs | Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

Here are some frequently asked questions about yellow bath water:

Can you drink yellow water?

Water discoloration, whether yellow or brown, is usually the result of naturally existing minerals like Iron. This happens due to rust and corrosion.

Typically, yellow water does not cause any severe damage. However, prolonged ingestion of rusty water leads to an accumulation of tiny rust particles, leading to iron poisoning.

The effects of iron poisoning are:

  • Indigestion
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Fever
  • Grayish Or Blue Skin
  • Dizziness
  • Jaundice
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Seizures
  • Fluids In The Lungs

What to do if I am getting yellow water in my home?

Short-term use of yellow, rusty water is safe but if you are facing a prolonged issue, then avoid the following:

  • Drinking
  • Bathing
  • Using dishwasher
  • Using washing machine

Can yellow water make you sick?

Fortunately, drinking yellow water is not dangerous to health. The yellow tinge of the water is due to Iron in the water from rust particles. It will not cause any serious harm. However, drinking rusty water for a long time can lead to iron poisoning.

Why does yellow bath water smell?

Yellow bath water stinks due to the high concentration of Iron in the water. This metallic smell and water taste will disappear if you use a quality water filtration system. 

Is hard water yellow?

No, hard water is not yellow. Hard water often leads to whiteish limescale deposits on taps, faucets, pipes, etc. Hard water results from the concentration of good minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium.

Use a water softener to treat hard water. The filter will remove sediments and filter calcium, magnesium, and metals from the water.

The End: Conclusion | Is Yellow Water Safe To Bathe In?

It is pretty common to notice yellow or brownish water in your bathtub. The yellow-brown water is rusty water. It is due to rusting pipes and faucets or a rusting water heater.

One of the simplest and most effective solutions is to get a water filtration system. There are many other ways to resolve the issue of yellow bath water. We have discussed them in detail in the article.

Yellow water is safe to bathe and consume. That said, it is best to avoid using rusty water for bathing or drinking because it may cause serious complications and disease if used for a long time.


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