Reverse Osmosis Vs Alkaline Water (2023 Comparison)

Most people do not realize that toxins cause premature aging and cell damage. You can fight against these toxins by consuming alkaline water.

You can get a healthier lifestyle by drinking the safe and proper water that suits your health. People are always confused when dealing with reverse osmosis and alkaline water.

Both of them have their own characteristics. It’s essential to know about them so you can take advantage of both of them. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss reverse osmosis, alkaline water, and their differences. Let’s get started.

What Is Reverse Osmosis(RO)?

Reverse Osmosis Vs Alkaline Water

Reverse osmosis water technology purifies water for drinking. Its pH level is less compared to tap water. It mostly ranges from 5 to 7. You can check this simply at home using a pH kit and can also check impurities in it. 

RO water filtration removes molecules, ions, and particles from water. It uses a semi-permeable membrane in the system for filtration. It filters up to micron size of 0.0001.  

It uses hydraulic pressure push to separate the molecules from the water. It filters prominent microbes, solids, and other pollutants through the membrane. It has no parasites or bacteria and is suitable for cancer patients. 

It can remove impurities up to 99.8 % and make it good for adults and children.

RO water has a lot of benefits. It’s a powerful filtration that lessens the risks of cancer, eye issues, reproductive issues, etc. 

Lead contamination is mainly caused by corrosion, and many people are tested positive for lead. This is harmful because it causes blood pressure spikes, muscle damage, fertility issues, and many more. 

Reverse osmosis removes the lead that is harmful to the body. RO water has a good purity level with a purified taste. It also makes water clean and refreshing.

Dangers Of RO Water:

When RO water is consumed for months, it can cause side effects. It removes water impurities and also 92 to 99 % beneficial elements like calcium and magnesium. 

The WHO states that it has adverse effects on animals and humans when used for longer periods. It also leads to fatigue, weakness, and muscular cramps.

What Is Alkaline Water?

The water that has a pH greater than 7 is alkaline. It’s not just suitable for aging but also helps to cure many other diseases. It neutralizes the acid in your bloodstream. There are several significant health benefits of alkaline water on the body.

It is suitable for heart diseases, regulates the body’s pH level, and prevents cancer. Its pH level is higher than tap water. Its pH typically ranges from 8 to 9 or higher. 

It has a lot of benefits like it improves skin health, energize your body, prevents diabetes, and improves focus. Medical research discovered that this water increases the pH level of stomach acid, which makes it less acidic, and ensures sound sleep.

Drinking alkaline water is a good idea to fulfill your skin’s needs. It makes your skin radiant by rejuvenating and rehydrating skin. Most importantly, it’s more beneficial than regular water.

It lessens the breakouts and makes it smoother by detoxifying the skin. This also helps in cancer resistance and weight loss.

Reverse Osmosis Vs Alkaline Water


RO water, when it eliminates the impurities and also the mineral substances from the water. This demineralized water is not suitable for steady humans. To bypass this, you can add minerals to your RO water through filters.  

Instead of this, alkaline water boosts the mineral substances of drinking water. It also limits hydration by adding electrolytes. It supports you in getting sufficient minerals from your eating regimen. 

To sum up, the minerals your body gets from water are more than the food you eat.  This makes the water an excellent approach for keeping the minerals. So, wisely select your water. 

Water Wastage

Ro framework needs more water for the pressure of the framework, which leads to more squandered water. It needs to apply tension to eliminate particles, so vast measures of water are wasted. 

For example, 20 liters of RO water is made by wasting around 80 liters of water forever.

However, the new technologies ensure to have a zero waste framework.  

On the other hand, alkaline water is easy to make with a ledge channel that adds minerals. Hence it creates almost no wastewater. 

Filter Size

Reverse Osmosis Vs Alkaline Water

As you can imagine, the RO water framework can take a huge place in your kitchen because it must be a huge unit. However, the other water-soluble channels can fit easily as they are small. But they are costly too. Applying an alkaline filter is a good and affordable option in every aspect.


Reverse Osmosis Vs Alkaline Water

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. The number 7 pH is neutral. The pH that starts from 1 to 7 is acidic, while the pH from 8 to 14 is alkaline. Alkaline water is used to improve your acidic water by increasing the pH level. On the other hand, reverse osmosis water makes your drinking water more acidic.

As mentioned above, reserve osmosis removes minerals, adversely affecting the pH level. To overcome this problem, use an ionizer machine for the RO water to add mineral substances. But this will take extra time and money.


Reverse Osmosis Vs Alkaline Water

As previously mentioned, reverse osmosis uses hydraulic pressure. Hence it needs electricity to make this pressure and to remove the particles from the water.

Due to its high cost, alkaline water is considered a more realistic option because it needs no electricity. This is also easier to install than the RO water system.


Alkaline water is healthier than RO water. It’s good for immunity and skin. It prevents diabetes and gives energy to your body. RO is also healthy, as it can eliminate 99%impurites by adding minerals into it; by doing this, you make this water to the next level for drinking.

Acid Nature

Alkaline water lacks acidity; thus, it’s better for people with digestive problems. To neutralizes the acid that forms in your body; you just need to drink alkaline water.

Wrapping Up | Reverse Osmosis Vs Alkaline Water

In the end, we conclude that alkaline water is an excellent source of drinking water in every aspect. It’s easy to implement in kitchens, offices, restaurants, and other places. 

This water has more minerals than RO water, which are necessary for a healthy life. Reverse osmosis water is also good as it removes 99% of impurities. In the past, people mostly used this water and enjoyed their life happily.

I hope this blog helps you distinguish between reverse osmosis and alkaline water. Now you can choose the best option regarding your needs and desires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Alkaline?

No, it’s acidic in nature. It’s a weak acid but can quickly convert hydrogen ions into a solution. The pH level of this water is around 6.5 or between 5  to 7, representing greater acidity.

However, from all of these facts, it’s drinkable and safe. Water with a pH level of 6.5 is safe for drinking. But long time consumption is not for health.

How To Make Reverse Osmosis Water Alkaline?

The reverse osmosis water can be converted into alkaline. An excellent way to do this is through remineralization. If you have a reverse osmosis system, add a reverse osmosis filter in the last stage of the system.  This will improve the pH level to alkaline. 

If you are not satisfied with the result, the next step is to buy a water ionizer for the desired result. This machine raises the pH level using electrolysis that splits the water stream into alkaline and acidic water streams.

The alkaline water stream is used for drinking purposes. Another way to make this is by adding calcium and minerals to it.   

Is Alkaline Water Better Than Reverse Osmosis?

Yes, alkaline water is more suitable than reverse osmosis water. The reason is that it’s healthier, best for thirst, and also increases immunity.

However,  in the past, people were much healthier than now as most of them drank revere osmosis water devoid of minerals. 

What Is In An Alkaline Filter For Reverse Osmosis?

The alkaline filter is an application primarily used in homes for transferring reverse osmosis water into alkaline water. It contains vital minerals like Mg, Fe, Ca, and K. To ensure that the water is clean and you get high-quality water daily.

This filter also removes taste, odor, chlorine, and up to 99 % of other impurities like Arsenic, Lead, Copper, Barium, Fluoride, etc. 

What Is The Alkalinity Of Reverse Osmosis Water?

Reverse osmosis water is not alkaline. As its pH drops down from between 7 to 5 within an hour. Alkaline water pH is always greater than 7. In other words, you can say that pH of 7 and greater is alkaline, and less than 7 belongs to acidic. At 7 pH, you can say it is neutral.


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